We take great pride in our training capacities in clinical research, statistics, and medical writing and communication. 

Our selected speakers are involved in multiple academic and clinical research initiatives and have experience in delivering outstanding medical writing, statistics and clinical research training courses.

The ARC Publishing courses provide up-to-date knowledge, with a high focus on target audience daily work needs, which assures a rapid return of your investment. When necessary, the courses’ contents and formats can be adjusted to your specific needs (tailored courses).

Medical Writing and Scientific Communication 

Long or short sentences? Passive or active voice? Should I use a table or a graph? Or should I just put all data in the text? 
Medical writing is becoming a mandatory skill for any healthcare professional. If you are interested in improving your medical writing and communication skills, please consider one of our courses in medical writing and scientific communication. 

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Biostatistics basics

Have you ever been in a biostatistics course where you only see a mountain of formulas that you do not really understand and, more importantly, are not useful for your research? 
ARC Publishing “keep-it-simple” policy will prevent this to happen again. Our biostatistics seminars are based on very practical decision trees and are structured to allow you to learn the statistics you really need, in an easy and efficient way. 

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