Recent advances in information and communication technologies revolutionised the fields of biomedical and, overall, scientific publishing

At ARC Publishing, we provide a wide range of publishing services that addresses various publishing needs and capitalise on the opportunities presented by the technological evolution. 

Our approach is flexible and personalised. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the dissemination of scientific knowledge, while maximising its impact

ARC Publishing stimulates scientific communication by publishing peer-reviewed scientific journals

The scientific editors of these publications have full administrative support, and therefore are able to concentrate their efforts on the scientific robustness of their journals.

In this context, we provide an integrated service that includes:
  • Preparing the journal-specific website
  • Providing editorial support (operational coordination of the peer-review process)
  • Publishing the journal online, either in open access or restricted access formats

An example of a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by ARC Publishing is available at: 

The International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health is an open-access journal published by ARC Publishing

The journal aims to provide high-quality publications in the areas of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Medical Psychology. Expert leaders in these medical areas constitute the international editorial board. All articles are subject to a rigorous peer-review prior to publication

To know more details about our scientific journal publishing services or if you are interested in start publishing a scientific journal, please contact us.

Scientific events

Congresses, conferences, symposia, workshops, etc. are increasingly common. One way to increase and perpetuate the impact of a scientific event is to publish the materials presented there. In addition to increasing the prestige of the event, publishing also promotes the curricular valorisation of presenters.

We offer an integrated service to support the publication of materials derived from scientific events: from planning the event’s online presence to publishing the scientific materials that arise from it.

Online presence (event website)   

A good online presence is an essential ingredient to a successful scientific event

At ARC Publishing we manage online presence in a rigorous manner. We can intervene at the various strategic phases:
  • Writing content for the event website, based on the instructions from the event organiser
  • Setting up and managing the event website, including the electronic platform
  • Planning and implementing the event promotion strategy, including promotion at professional networks, e-mailing, etc.

Abstracts and/or proceedings books

Publishing abstracts and/or proceedings books can be of great value to a scientific event

From the author’s point of view, publishing an abstract or an article in the abstracts/proceedings book can be counted, in curricular terms, as a scientific publication.
Organisation/ Sponsor
From the organisation’s/sponsor’s point of view, publishing an abstracts/proceedings book values the efforts employed in organising the event, extending its impact to the whole scientific community.

At ARC Publishing, we prepare and publish abstracts/proceedings books for your events. We use a highly cost-efficient approach that leverages information and communication technologies. 

Publishing follows the highest quality standards. Each publication produced has its own ISBN identifier, which guarantees indexing at the international system for book indexing. 

Books can be published in electronic format and/or print format.

The electronic version can be made available online, using ARC Publishing’s exclusive publishing platform
With this platform publications can be made offered in open-access format, available to any internet user

Publishing online ensures dissemination of the work and, therefore, exponentially increases its impact

An example of a proceedings book (which was also published as a supplement to the journal IJCNMH) is available here.


ARC Publishing provides book-publishing services to the Portuguese scientific community.

When publishing a scientific/technical book, one of the most relevant factors to the authors is ensuring proper dissemination.
We believe that open-access publishing favours the dissemination of the work, allowing the authors to improve their scientific reputation and recognition among their peers. Therefore, if the authors wish so, the books can be made freely available online.
An example of a book edited and published in open-access format by ARC Publishing can be found here.

Repositories of posters and oral communications

ARC Publishing offers its publishing platform to perpetuate online availability of communication materials used in scientific events. 

Both oral and poster presentations can be archived at an open-access repository, which will maximise their impact by making them available to the whole scientific community

Beyond the traditional format displayed at scientific events, authors also have the opportunity to publish supplementary material (image, audio, video, etc.).

Publishing platform

ARC Publishing developed and maintains a computing platform capable of efficiently managing:
  1. Submission and management of the peer-review process for scientific materials (such as abstracts for communications at scientific events, manuscripts for publication, etc.) using its proprietary “Manuscripts” system (described in detail in the following section) 
  2. Publication of scientific materials in various formats (for example, journals, books, and repositories of posters or oral communications).

Submission management 

With the aim of streamlining the process of submission and review of scientific materials, ARC Publishing developed a specialised platform: the “Manuscripts” system. 


The system has the following advantages

  • Flexibility – the system adapts to the specific needs of context in which it is used. The system can be used to manage abstract submissions to a given event, but also to the entire peer-review process of a scientific journal.
  • Compatibility – Manuscripts is web-based; it is compatible with any electronic device equipped with an internet browser. The system can be easily associated with any website, allowing, for example, an easy integration with websites of scientific events.
  • Ease of use – the submission, review and management processes at Manuscripts are conducted in an intuitive and natural fashion. Only minimal input is required from users.
  • Cost-efficiency – using the Manuscripts system provides significant efficiency gains.
  • Multimedia capacity –  beyond the traditional submission of text documents, Manuscripts users can also submit content in several other electronic formats: image, audio, video, 3D models, etc.
  • Dedicated assistance – users of the Manuscripts system have dedicated assistance from ARC Publishing staff based in Portugal.

ARC Publishing makes the Manuscripts system available to all publishing processes, from abstract/proceedings to journals or books. 

Trial version

To get access to a trial version of Manuscripts, please contact us.