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Living Usability Lab

Living Usability Lab

Living Usability Lab

António Teixeira, Alexandra Queirós and Nelson Pacheco da Rocha (Eds.)
October 2013

Ambient Assisted Living research and development initiatives represent a significant effort to provide an adequate technological response to face the societal challenges related with the demographic ageing. When developing these kinds of technologies, besides ensuring the quality of the applications, equipment and communication infrastructures, it is also important to ensure the usability of the solutions being developed. The Living Lab methodological approach is an innovative perspective for usability evaluation, which involves an active participation of the different stakeholders in all the development phases. This book intends to present the work mainly developed by the faculty and researchers of the University of Aveiro involved in the project Living Usability Lab for Next Generation Network. The objective of this project was the creation of a Living Usability Lab that allowed the development, integration and evaluation of systems and services (in principle destined to elder people, but not exclusively) with high interaction requirements, such as the Ambient Assisted Living systems and services.

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About this book

Original title: Laboratório Vivo de Usabilidade

English title: Living Usability Lab

Editors: António Teixeira, Alexandra Queirós e Nelson Pacheco da Rocha 

ISBN: 978-989-98599-0-6 (Print) 978-989-98599-2-0 (Online) 

Series: Pharmaceutical Medicine Series 

Series editor: Luis Almeida 

ISSN: 2182-5432 

Publisher: ARC Publishing 

Copyright: ARC Publishing and Editors. This book is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence (CC BY 3.0).