ARC Publishing

Outstanding services in medical writing, translation and publishing. 

We at ARC Publishing have a double mission: 
  • To provide superior medical writing, statistics and publishing services.
  • To promote scientific publishing by taking advantage of recent advances in information and communication technologies.

Just publishing is not enough anymore, you have to make it count and take all the juice from that fresh orange. 

A well-disseminated publication is essential for career or business development. Thus, it is very important that you take the right steps to maximize your publication impact. At ARC we can help you achieve this goal! 

Our set of services fit diversified scientific consultancy needs. ARC’s Medical Writing team is experienced in producing several types of scientific documents, from clinical study protocols to scientific manuscripts for publication. 

The Statistical services cover both the early planning stages, including the statistical analysis plan, and the analysis of your study data. 

Our Publication services give customers a premium solution to disseminate their knowledge in a variety of formats (including books, journals, conference proceedings, etc.).
To increase your efficiency, we also provide integrated solutions where we participate in the several stages of your clinical research project.